Let us introduce ourselves.

Becca is The Owner and Founder of Namastesis LLC. She is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist,  E-RYT 500 and Certified Advanced Teacher of Yoga Therapeutics, living in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley. She received her 200 hour Yoga certification from the Raja Hatha School of Yoga in Carmel NY (Directed by Amy Pearce-Hayden) and her 300 hour/Yoga Therapy certification from Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) at Kripalu. (Directed by Joseph & Lilian LePage)


She has completed 3 other specialty yoga training courses including, an intensive Primary Series Ashtanga teacher training under the tutelage of David Swenson and Shelley Washington, an intensive Yoga For Cancer Survivors (Y4C) and patients teacher training under the tutelage of Tari Prinster and an intensive Pre-natal Yoga teacher training under the tutelage of Bec Conant.


Becca considers herself "Always a student of yoga. and it's philosophy."


Her passion for the care and understanding of her students on a physical and mental level is one of a kind. She tailors each private and group practice to meet the needs of each individual student.


When you come to take class with Becca, you can rest assured that you will feel comfortable, safe and at home within your practice. For Becca, Yoga is a way of life, and she can't wait to share her practice with you!

samantha is honored to be serving the Hudson Valley community and beyond with the offerings of yoga. She brings a variety of tools with her to the yoga practice. She is a licensed physical therapist with over 10 years of experience working with all walks of life. She is also a wife and mother of 2 young children. The many facets of yoga have not only changed her physical and mental workings, but it has greatly influenced her approach to relationships, life challenges, parenting, and many other areas of the human experience. She has a strong knowledge base of anatomy and physiology, and has taught these topics in several workshops and teacher training programs over the years.


Samantha values and honors differences in body type, lifestyle, ability level, and experience. Infused into her classes are principles of alignment, therapeutic movement, yoga philosophy, breathwork, and music/mantra. Samantha’s teaching style has been described as intelligent, compassionate, challenging, and diverse. Come and meet her!


corinna's  classes have been called deeply intentional, all-inclusive, poetic and supportive. She creates an atmosphere in which students are encouraged to attend closely to sensation and breath. Her instruction empowers students to cultivate dialogue with their own bodies for a practice in service of healing and function rather than aesthetic or postural achievement.


 Corinna offers a healthy dose of alignment cueing while supporting students in self-exploration of posture and movement. All bodies are different and no asana is one size fits all. That being said, expect the unexpected. Corinna’s classes are playful, challenging and crafted to surprise students into shedding fear of trying something new.


The physical practice is just the tip of the iceberg. Breath-work, chanting, philosophy, poetry, and plenty of humor are sprinkled throughout for a comprehensive and transformative experience. Corinna has most recently plunged into the wondrous world of yin yoga which has quickly stolen her heart and shifted her approach to yoga’s physical practice.


Certified at the 500-hour level, Corinna has studied with and been inspired by many of the incredible teachers in New York’s Hudson Valley including Sondra Loring, Leigha Butler, Jacquie Nash, Kelly Kamm, Raghunath Cappo and Will LeBlanc among others.


Corinna teaches for nOMad always at OM’s online studio, teacher trainings and various events curated by founder Phoebe Miller. Additionally, she and Leigha Butler co-lead Be Love, a meditation and yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico with a mission to nourish and spark spiritual warriors, super souldiers and selfless servants around the world.

diane Lordi is a lifelong learner.


Her journey began back in the early 70’s when she taught high impact aerobics using her Victrola record player and vinyls. She went on to study dance and became certified as a registered dance therapist. After a few years she entered the world of public education where she spent 30 years of her life with special needs populations and earned her PhD.

Diane is also a Certified Personal Trainer and a Reiki Master. When she discovered the physical and spiritual gifts of yoga about 10 years ago she was hooked!


 Diane has her 200 hours in Hot 26 and an additional 100 hours in vinyasa. In the fall of 2018 she will be starting her 300 hour Teacher Training certification. Her teaching style is alignment based and reaches all levels, ages, shapes, and sizes. She is passionate about sharing her love of yoga and her belief that every body is a yoga body. She is thrilled to be part of the Namastesis family!



I became a student of yoga when I was living in NYC and I fell upon Bikram Yoga.  I wanted to try something different than my everyday practice of being a runner, so I went to a class.  Afterwards, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and love.


 I went back many times and moved onto Vinyasa Yoga and once again I was hooked.  After completing my 200hr certification as a teacher in Vinyasa I began teaching in the city and then moved to Nyack, NY in 2013.

Vinyasa yoga allowed me (and will you) to stay focused with the flow of the different poses and postures, created variety in my daily routine, was simple to follow, pushed me my limits, and most importantly was fun and rewarding.


 As a teacher, I am still learning what it means to be not just a teacher but a listener.  I learn new experiences every time I teach a class or teach a private lesson, and I think that this is the most rewarding way of living my life.  Not only giving people the gift of yoga, but also being a mentor to their life.

erin has been athletic and active since a very young age.  As a child, she loved to run and bicycle, always preferring to play outside than to be indoors.  She practiced ballet and tap dance as well as competitive gymnastics through adolescence. Since then, she has always spent as as much time outdoors as her lifestyle would allow, most often with her furry best friend. In her early 20’s she became interested in fitness and nutrition as they relate to overall health and wellness, and has been exploring these topics ever since.  In her mid-twenties, she was drawn to yoga due to the “buzz” in the fitness world about yoga’s physical benefits. She kept practicing because the benefits she had begun to unlock went way beyond the physical body and started her on her path of growth, self-discovery, and self-love.




During her years of practice, Erin had considered applying for a teacher training program multiple times...in 2017, the time was finally right, and she heeded the call to transition from yoga student to yoga teacher (but always also  a student). After completing a 200-hour training at Tadasana in Balance in Fishkill, NY, she began teaching right away, but had a thirst for more knowledge and self growth. Four months later, she began her 300-hour teacher training journey with nOMad Always at OM.  The training was all that she thought it would be and more, and now with 500 hours of training behind her, she feels emboldened as well as highly confident in her ability to share the blessings of yoga with as many people as she can reach.




Erin’s teaching style has been described as thorough, confident, inspiring and compassionate.  She has a strong understanding of and love for anatomy, and places a strong emphasis on the importance of safe alignment before moving deeper in any pose.  With a deep respect for the differences between each student, she is able to hold space for all bodies, and encourages students to observe themselves in their practice with playful curiosity and without judgment.  When Erin is not teaching or practicing yoga, she can be found hiking with dogs for her self-run dog business Happy Tails, with her partner working on their small farm at their home, or kayaking in the Hudson Valley with their fur kid Chloey in tow.


laura is tickled to be teaching at Namastesis. She started her yoga journey almost 10 years ago, in Seattle, after a friend invited her to try out a Bikram class. Good heavens, she can't say it was love at first sight, but there was something special about the deep heat, the repetition of the sequence, and the healing clarity that came from looking into her own eyes in the mirror.


After several years at various studios in NY, it was actually a Hot 26 class at this studio (formerly Tadasana), that began to shift her way of looking at yoga again. She had started her journey with a more militant, exercise approach: go deeper, hold longer, and try harder! And now, she truly appreciates a more gentle, long-term outlook. When Laura leads a class she encourages self-compassion and will generally share a word or thought to relate to during class. She continues to remind herself as she'll relate to you: Just show up, get on your mat, and try… try easy. For in the end it is the tortoise that wins.


Yoga has helped my life in so many ways, that it became my passion to also help others with my guidance through my yoga teachings.  I love to teach and share the knowledge that has been passed on to me for each of us as we grow on our paths.  It is my honor and responsibility to share such an amazing practice with my students.  I strive to help my students and guide them with mindfulness/awareness and safety, connecting mind, body and breath, mind, body, and spirit.  And, in all my experience of teachings, my greatest teachers have often been my students, and my own continued yoga studies, self-study (Svadhyaya) and meditation practices.


I’ve studied with incredible teachers since my first Yoga teacher training (TT) back in 2002 with Baron Baptiste Level I, 200-Hr TT at Be Yoga, 300-Hr TT with Yoga Works, Sadie Nardini, Alan Finger, Jillian Pransky, and Yin Yoga trainings with amazing teachers including Jody Domerstad.  I’ve taken KundaIini worshops online with Simrit and continue learningn yoga trainings and workshops to enhance my teachings and my practice.  My mantra “I am a yoga teacher and student always”


Dawn stepped onto her mat in 2008 and quickly became a devoted student of yoga.  With a desire to deepen her own practice and share her passion with others she earned her RajaHatha Teacher Certification under the guidance of Amy Pearce – Hayden in 2013. In 2016 she completed the Yin Yoga Teaching Training at the Integral Yoga Institute in NYC.   Dawn is currently studying the healing art of Reiki.


Expect fun, unique, creative sequences when you attend   Dawn’s classes.   You never know what unexpected variation she will put in the mix!  Each class progresses mindfully and slowly building strength and flexibility safely.  Add meditation, some inspirational quotes and positive affirmations it adds up to quality time on your mat with Dawn. Join Dawn for a class that challenges you to your edge and leaves you feeling balanced and nurtured.


Bio coming soon...


I started my yoga endeavor in NYC taking Ashtanga & Jivamukti yoga classes 18 years ago. I dove right in to how physically, mentally and meditatively challenging these classes were. I was fully enveloped and passionate about yoga as many of us are. I trained in Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga at Yoga Yama Studio Patchogue (Long Island) in 2001. I continued with a week long Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with Manju Jois at the Yoga Shala Studio Winter Park Florida in 2009. I have roots going deep in Ashtanga Yoga that influence the structure of my classes but I love to bring in the variations of Vinyasa yoga as well. I try to create a space to safely guide you to the edge of your practice with lots of thoughtful hands on assists, keeping it light and simply holding space for your practice. Every time we step on to our mats we feel different in our body and mind and I hope to meet you where you are for that practice.

tommy knows first hand of the many benefits which yoga can offer-strength, flexibility, balance, et al-yet peace of mind is one of its greatest gifts.  A former Marine and Iraq war veteran who was discharged honorably in 2008, Tommy initially had a very difficult time assimilating to civilian life. Through his long-term meditation practice and nature he rekindled the love he once had for himself. Back In touch with that self-love, Tommy sought out a healthier lifestyle which in turn brought him to yoga. Ever since that first class, his thirst for all things yoga continued to grow. Moved to share the benefits of yoga beyond himself, Tommy completed a 200 Hour Yoga teacher training program under Al Bingham in Croton on Hudson. Inspired by all that Yoga has done in helping deal with his own P.T.S.D, he went on to complete specialty training through The Veterans Yoga Project, an organization devoted to equipping instructors with the tools necessary to bring yoga to those of us who live with the echoes of past trauma. His style of teaching is Vinyasa based for all levels, he loves to explore balance and find new transitions between postures.


Joelle Van Sickle began practicing Yoga in 1991 at the Iyengar Institute in NYC. A former professional modern dancer with both BFA and MFA degrees in Dance, she fell in love with Yoga as a means to both center her for performing and to help prevent injuries. Later, her desire to share the benefits of Yoga with others led her to become 200-hour certified from the Kripalu Institute in 2000. She next received her 500 hour/Yoga Therapy certification from Yoga Mountain in 2011. She also holds certifications in Children’s Yoga, Yoga Wall, and Aqua Yoga, and most recently she has begun studying Chakra Yoga with Anodea Judith. Joelle’s classes focus on alignment, breath, and mindfulness, and meet students where they are on any given day. With an emphasis on Svadhyaya (self-study), her classes help people to achieve healthy movement patterns and to release the tension that inhibits them from finding freedom of both physical motion and thought. Through a solid understanding of anatomy and the energy body, along with a deep respect for her students’ personal journeys, Joelle seeks to help each individual utilize these ancient teachings to promote healing and to open up to their fullest potential.


1065 Main Street, Suite H

Fishkill, New York, 12524